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About us

Luxury spa and boutique

Welcome to the luxury and convenience of anti-ageing benefits at home. The Hermetise professionals have unlocked the future of skin care by relying on the most ancient forms of practice. A 21st century approach to wellness – tried-and-true healing treatments to set you on the path of self-discovery and awakening.

Facial Mask

Our Services

All our treatments combine at least two or more highly effective technologies in a single session to provide instant results.

We choose clinically proven solutions that are COMFORTABLE and PAINLESS to allow you to zip right back into your normal daily routines.

Most of all, we believe in visible changes with minimum effort at accessible prices.

Our Products

Our unique products feature our renowned "youth elixir skin potion" made with an award winning ingredient and delivered to the skin through our "skin solution system" - a powerful combination designed to deliver up to six times more actives to the skin. Hermetise combines advanced modern day technologies and scarce active ingredients with gemstones, diamonds and gold in a unique secret method.

Banana Leaves
Face Foam
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