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Facial Treatment


We pair at least two or more complementary, highly effective technologies in one facial session to provide instant results. Scroll on to learn more about the magic that goes on in our facial sessions.

Ultrasonic Handle

Nutrient introduction, ultrasonic 10 to 3 million vibration, deep penetration, repairing skin bottom. Effectively moisturize and whiten skin, smooth wrinkles. It can reduce facial spots any damage to the skin.

Experience the ultrasonic handle here.

Cold Hammer Whitening

Calms, whitens and rejuvenates the skin, shrinks pores removes redness, reduces sensitivity, and improves skin tone.

Experience the benefits here.

Hydroxon hydrogen

Refers to the conversion of purified water into hydrogen hydroxide ion water, which will produce H2 fine molecules on the surface of the skin, so that the water molecules can quickly penetrate the skin to achieve the effect of moisturizing and whitening, reduce facial acne, improve skin absorption of nutrients. Accelerate metabolism, eliminate facial blemishes.

Hydroxon Hydrogen technology is often accompanied with the following procedures.

RF Lifting

Lifts and tightens skin, stimulates collagen and improves contour drooping.

Experience the benefits of RF Lifting here.

Hydra Dermabrasion

Deep cleansing, remove grease, blackhead, acne, dirt, improve greasy skin, increase skin elasticity, improve skin tone. Regulate sebaceous glands secretion, reduce facial acne, improve skin absorption or nutrients. Accelerate metabolism, eliminate facial blemishes

Experience the benefits here.


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Interior Design

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Anti-inflammatory compound that facilitates the synthesis of a neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

DMAE boosts the production of acetylcholine which links and binds muscles underneath the skin. Due to the increasing generation of acetylcholine the muscle tone of the skin is maintained, tightened, and assists in preventing sagginess that can occur to the skin.

View DMAE products and services.

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Facial Mask

Kopi Luwak

Anti-pollution Brightening Oxygen™

Kopi Luwak anti-pollution oxygen skin care treatment is aimed at retaining the skins trans-epidermal water loss and enhancing the skins oxygen delivery to help revive the appearance of dull skin, for a smoother, more lifted appearance. Our researchers have developed a method to infuse a unique concentrate into a potion made with Kopi Luwak extract, retinol (vitamin A), stem cells, and addition beneficial ingredients to help maintain and prolong cellular longevity resulting in superior skin results.

View Kopi Luwak products and services.


A safe and highly-effective, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that dramatically improves saggy and wrinkly skin. By micro puncturing the upper layer of your skin you trigger your natural healing process (NHP), generating new collagen and elastin cells.

Skin improvement is evident within 3 to 4 weeks. Multiple sessions are recommended to maximize and maintain results.

Experience it here.

Micro-Needling Collagen Induction Therapy

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Our "youth elixir" - featured in all of our skin care products is made up of a unique, special, secret mixture consisting of fine white Diamond powder, pure deep water pearls and the power of stem cells. Meticulously blended with the award winning ingredients of the IC Innovation Zone best ingredient award produced from Dandelion flower root.This unique and unprecedented mixture was put to the test by the Hermetise researchers and was proudly named the "youth elixir" due to its age defying properties enabling the skin to appear healthy, beautiful and glowing.

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