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Let us help you achieve clear, flawless skin. No hard-selling and no hidden costs. Just enjoy a relaxing session with us.

Our technologies

A powerful combination of traditional hands-on techniques and tension relief massage to target visible signs of ageing. Treatment includes deep tissue firming massage with essential lymphatic drainage. By unlocking your 'chi', treatment leaves your face naturally glowing from within

*Includes a lymphatic drainage facial massage to remove toxins and help you de-stress and unwind

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Gentle, rhythmic strokes which targets meridian points of face and unblock facial knots



1. Increases blood circulation

2. Diminish dark eye circles

3. Brighten complexion

4. Balance skin tone


Lymphatic Drainage

Gentle massage which triggers lymphatic drainage to remove waste and toxins

Face Massage

Shapes jawline to give a V-shape and slimmer face


Eye Massage

Relaxing eye massage to unwind and destress

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About Us

Luxury Spa & Boutique

At Hermetise, our mission is to help you achieve a flawless look and flawless skin. We have developed a complete line of luxury products to give you the most radiant, glowing complexion possible.

Our Services

We believe in visible results with minimum effort at affordable prices. You deserve the best anti-ageing treatments available and you deserve to look younger everyday.

Our Products

Hermetise is a rejuvenating skincare system developed by leading industry experts. This exclusive, luxury line of products combines the finest organic ingredients with new technology to provide transformative results you can enjoy every day.


Thank you Hermetise team, I really enjoy
Thank you Hermetise team, I really enjoy
Thank you Hermetise team, I really enjoy
Thank you Hermetise team, I really enjoy
Thank you Hermetise team, I really enjoy

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