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Benefits of Resveratrol for the Skin


What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is an antioxidant primarily found in Japanese knotweed, blueberries, red grape skin, and peanuts. Plants produce it to protect themselves against stresses. Hence, antioxidants fight age-related damage by neutralizing them from free radicals.

In Wine and Red Grape

Red grapes plants produce Resveratrol to protect against fungal disease and sun damage, so the wine has a higher antioxidant level than most other food items. Red wine contains less than 1- 2 mg of Resveratrol per eight ounces, which is more than white wine.

Additionally, red wines are fermented with grape skins for a more extended time than white wine; antioxidants such as Resveratrol are likely to be extracted into wine, leading to the higher resveratrol concentration of the red stuff.

Moreover, humidity is another important factor contributing to the resveratrol content. It theorized that grapes grown in humid environments produce antioxidants to address the higher fungus rate in these areas. More Resveratrol means more antifungal properties.

Here are some benefits of Resveratrol for Skin

● Lifting effect

● Remove dead skin cells and deep cleanse

● Protects skin from pollutants

● Reduces the formation of wrinkles

● Help retain skin elasticity and firm skin

● Prevent skin from oxidizing

● Illuminate skin


One of the most discussed Resveratrol phenomena is the ability to stimulate the SiRT1 gene, which is a gene that kicks in people who lose weight. It is believed that this gene can slow the aging process.

For Wrinkles

Resveratrol processes natural antibiotic properties; it works to detoxify the body, cleaning it of pollutants and contaminants. It helps skin maintain elasticity, which reduces old wrinkles' appearance while preventing new wrinkles from forming.


Skincare products are the easiest and safest ways for your skin to get its share of Resveratrol. Resveratrol benefits in skin care products include the delayed premature skin aging and even-toned skin. Moreover, Resveratrol found in skincare products have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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